Happy 7th month to infinity!!

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And yet another month comes to both of us! It always excites me knowing that we have another month to celebrate and prove our love for each other. Whenever 18th day of the month strikes, everything flashbacks and always makes me realize how God is truly wonderful. Our wishes are granted in the ways we least expect it to happen. How we met, how we started, how things go through for both of us, how we are now, is indeed a great blessing from Him and I am forever thankful and grateful.

We might be having a relationship on a distance but it never was a hindrance in showing how we care and love each other. In any way, we find time to see each other, to talk on daily basis, to check on each other and to take good care of each other. We make dreams together, we make plans for I and We and Them. We make an effort to get to know well our circle of friends, and to get along with each other’s family ties. Our journey has been and will continuously be memorable and great.

To the person who taught me a lot of things, who have made me even more a better person, who always makes me feel really pretty in my most haggard days, who always encourages me to get up in bed when I am lazy, who always being patient to wait for me and to stay up in my most busy days, in my night shift duties and in my insomnia moments, truly you have been a wonderful and special person for me. Mahal, I always send you long messages. I do it often and I will never get tired to. This is one of my sweetest ways to tell you and the whole damn social media network which counts the whole world how I truly blessed to have a special someone like you. I love you so much and I can’t wait to exchange vows with you infront of God, in the altar, infront of all the people dear to us, to have baba Taylor and Zayn with you and raise our family and most importantly, sharing our love and care for each other until our hair turns gray. I love you mahal and thank you for, a truly incomparable, treasuring 7 months together —and counting. I LOVE YOUUUU SO MUCHIEEEEE ❤ ❤


november2 It warms my heart to see him getting along well with my family. HE IS A PART OF OUR FAMILY.

Happy selfie for Kalimudan Festival! A night full of photographs, street food dinner moments, and PERYAAAAA makahurot kwarta!hahahahaha!


This photo got me speechless.

Finally we made it halfway!

Just a happy couple deeply inlove with each other that not anyone or anything can tear us apart.

When I get speechless I’m having thoughts, which means I am reminiscing, and of all good things happened and I know will be happening, I can’t help but just stop, reminisce, imagine, look forward and smile.

Oh how wonderful you are, My Lord!


And finally we meet again!


We look so cute when we are playful together,


This shows love has to be fun but at the same time with respect, trust and humility.


And finally I’ve found my better half, who owns my extra rib, my soultwin, my LOVE ❤

The month we prove to ourselves nothing will ever change even if we don’t see each other often.

And yes, it was a month that we didn’t able to visit each other due to busy schedules. But we managed to stay stronger and keep the fire of love within us even just through exchange of messages through text, facebook and even skype.

Thank you to our beloved sponsors! :p


Love knows no distance. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Yes it is! 🙂


I’m sorry but this is our first Skype call!hahahaha!

Uhu! It’s his birth month! HE HAS TO BE HAPPY THIS MONTH, ON HIS BIRTHDAY, EVERYDAY. That is my goal.

We were too excited to see each other as we planned very well how things would go and how we would celebrate his day. Granted what he wanted, he managed to have a pre-celebration in our home bringing a huge box of pizza as requested by mom(you don’t know what he has been through just to buy the pizza) and a big pack of kimchi chili paste (because we are supposed to make bibimbap that we end up cooking bulalo). We had a great dinner on his first night at home then off we go to General Santos City for an overnight stay.


And this is our best picture. We look perfectly imperfect even in our wacky faces. :3

Then we travelled together on our way home to Davao City for the celebration of his birthday! Our first bus trip together! Surprised him with a cake and candle when the clock strikes 12, and gave him a gift that he can use daily and as I said: “You might lost something in Sarbay, let me replace it, take care of it and use it.” A pair of slippers 🙂 A tight hug from a birthday celebrator is rewarding. Effort paid off!



My birth month! And yes, one of the most memorable birthdays I ever had. All I ever wanted on my birthday (always) is to have a cake or at least just a candle to blow for me to make a wish. That’s it. Well of course to be with my family and close friends and have our buttons blow for dinner, a simple cake with a candle will be much appreciated. But hey! It’s beyond what I totally wished for.


Very artsy fartsy Fansign from someone who’s been totally an early birthday present to me 🙂


Yes! Korean food for lunch. I totally got my mouth watering experience just imagining these foods, and it’s his first time. With that he calls these-ALIEN food. He did his best to eat the meal I totally love. Awwe ❤


And a special dinner with my family and closest relatives, I felt truly blessed and happy!

Well, other than the blast I had on my birthday, I manage to do this!


My first ever surprise visit! He was on a Food expo, I had a long day off and poof! I managed to keep it a secret and beeped him I am just around SM Lanang while he was facilitating the Food expo.

“He surprises me everyday, I surprised him for a day.” still, he is incomparable.


Remember this? Our first baba just came to life, and it came to me by surprise. Indeed our June was filled with gracious moments and this is a perfect reminder of it. Thank you to my sweet and thoughtful Jonathan.


Beginning from you, visiting me in my hometown, your first check in my room, and even your first surprise visit after our monthsary again at home. I remembered how you totally liked that wacky photo of us. We are indeed truly HAPPY.

❤️June 18,2014-Potchiiee❤️