Ang Bagong Yugto

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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2013 has officially started and guess what? I started it with a bang!

Send it to the skies it'll grant your hearts desire

Send it to the skies it’ll grant your hearts desire

2012 had been one of the most challenging year I ever encountered. 2012 had been a year of extremes; extreme happiness and sadness; extreme adventures and extreme pitfalls. I lost a person, but I met new people. Best part is, God was right by my side all those times.

2012? oh yah! My graduation, where I wasn’t able to gain any award cos I wasn’t able to have enough extra curricular points; My pinning ceremony; My great summer escapade; My July vacation; my hospital training for almost 2 months after my grandma had a stroke, my first ever ambulance ride with her, and when I came back in her place, she’s gone; the clan wars where I was caught in the middle; my tiring but satisfying review days; my board exam day. Yep, those have been the highlights of my year and it taught me a lot of all these experiences. They said me and my family have been through a lot this year, and yes, we did. But we stood still, hand in hand resolved it all because we have each other and we have a Mighty God who never left us.

Then I realized something. I lived a life full of comfort, but this year, I saw and even experienced how hard life can be and I guess it’s a preparation for me in bigger things to come this year. I am about to leave my comfort zone, and this is where my life is about to start. I have to be mature enough to guide my younger siblings. I have to find a good job to help my parents earn for living, oh! and I forgot my last priority but I know it should be, my love life. Yeah, screw it. I think I have one but no one knows if he is the right one until the right time comes.

There is  always a time for everything and only God has a control over it. We might sometimes do not understand his wisdom but we simply have to trust his will.

2013. A new year. 365 days to make a change, to make the best out of everything and I’m claiming it. It will be my year, it will be  one of the best years even if feng shui tells me it’s not. I’m excited to experience what this year has in store for me and I just can’t wait!

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