A way to visit Phil’s best- Camiguin

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Located in Bohol sea, northern coast of Mindanao, I was able to appreciate another beauty of God’s creature and enjoyed different forms of water in one location, that’s what Camiguin can offer. 


From Bohol, we had about 2 hour supercut boat ride going to the Island. From there, we were picked up by a multicab which will be our official ride to tour the place. We arrived around 2pm and we had to rush to the Katibawasan falls so we can catch up to the place since they will be closing at around 5pm. It’s wonderful to see how the nature was truly preserved.


They made multicabs for group tour or tricycle as a ride rather than vans or cars since the tourist attractions in the area are mostly waters, every stop would mean swimming fun thus they can be on their swimsuits and immediately sit going to the next destination wet. Also, the place provides fresh air which the city and airconditioned rides don’t have.

Finally, we arrived to our first destination, the Katibawasan falls.



It will take a little walk to the site and it adds excitement. I must honestly say 7falls in Lake Sebu is way better but you can’t swim in it compared to Katibawasan falls which I truly appreciate.Image



ImageIt took me about 10 minutes trying to jump in to the ice cold water. But I did! The water was really cold but the best thing is it’s fresh and even if it’s cold, you won’t get goose bumps I swear! In the middle, it’s about an estimated 8feet deep but in near part, it’s just about 3-4 feet.




We stayed and enjoyed the place for an hour and off we went to our second destination. From cold water to a more relaxing and refreshing one, the hot spring.


The hot spring came from the crater of Mt. Hibok-hibok, a volcano which erupted 1949 and 1951 which caused great destructions in the area and reduced the area’s population. This is also the reason why an added tourist spots such as Sunken cemetery and Old Catamaran Church ruins.

Just a few minutes ride from the falls, we finally arrived to our second destination. A choice of 36-39 degrees water flowing from Mt. Hibok-Hibok, you can enjoy and relax just like a pro, almost like you are just in a Jacuzzi.


This is the largest pool they have which is as far as I can remember on 37 degrees


They have mini falls!




Everyone happy with the warm water! Lola almost having her spa

We stayed to the area longer than we were supposed to be since we actually enjoyed the place. Off then we head home to our Sunset Beach Club where we will be staying overnight. We changed clothes and had our dinner at the tree house overlooking the Island, though not much appreciated because it’s a bit dim, but we loved the sky looking the bright stars shining that night. We had our sumptuous dinner, with the waves as our background music and the cold breeze. We were all tired and we then off to our bed to have a good night rest, ready for another adventure the next day.


Sun is up and it’s time to be sun kissed!

Woke up and immediately changed to our swimming outfits as we will be headed to the Sinking White Island located in the middle of the Sea. The Island can be seen around 5-10 am and in the afternoon during low tides.


Made a gorgeous pose under this “Avatar” tree


Ayt! All set!


From our place, we will be headed to the Island through a fishing boat. Uh, really small boat that when I saw it I was totally scared that it might sink but thank God we survived it.


On the way, you can make quick stop in the middle to appreciate the beauty underwater. You can have snorkeling if you wish. As for me, I wasn’t able to do it cos if I do, I will be the only one to do it and it will actually be boring if that’s the case. It will only take about 5-10 minutes boat ride and tadaa! Hello White Island!


The white island! View from our boat.


Right behind me is a dazzling blue water and the Camiguin Island



Ready to get my skin burnt!

The white sand was greatly fine just like Boracay.






I’m sexy and I know it!


It’s about 10am when we left the place. We had our late breakfast, prepared and checked out.



Time to travel again!

On the way, you can have a picture with the Island standing on a huge stone. It is considered as a picture-taking spot!




be amazed on how preserved the place is.

We went to the Cold Spring, where outside, we were able to buy souvenirs for our friends and even for ourselves. We even had a sip of fresh buko juice.



One of their most visited spot is the Walkway to the Old Volcano and the Station of the cross.553586_497599763588174_391256225_n

We also visited the Sunken Cemetery, the Santa Rosario Church and as well as Old Catamaran Church ruins.




You can actually tour the Island overnight but it’s better to stay for 3 days and 2 nights or more if you wish to enjoy the Sea and other forms of water. You can also have Island hopping which we were not able to do. But hey! We can come back anytime right?

Ayt! Hope you had fun traveling with me in Camiguin Island, Philippines! It’s more fun in Camiguin, It’s more fun in Philippines!

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