It’s a bird! it’s a plane! No, it’s just me on a zipline flying!

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Travel
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Want real and intense adventure?

In the Southern part of Mindanao lives 7 falls naturally preserved and continually being cared and nurtured by the T’boli men. Located in Lake Sebu, you can come, hike or simply zip and view 7 falls!

The zipline is considered highest in Southeast Asia. You would have to Zip twice starting from Falls #2 and return through falls #2. You have then the option to either take more than 700 stairs or may ride a motorcycle going back to the main.

You can also enjoy trampoline for a very low price.


After hike and adventures, you can then sit with your family, dine and enjoy variety of foods with their tilapia fish as their specialty.

You would enjoy the view, the food, fresh air and you can also take a boat ride around the Lake.

Come and see the beauty of nature! Come and visit Lake Sebu. Mindanao’s finest!






Lake Sebu:” A place where life blends with nature. “


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