Broken inlove

Posted: March 16, 2013 in Expression, Uncategorized
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Love? It’s the best feeling anyone can have; and it’s the worst feeling you can get when broken.

I came from a broken relationship. And yes, it’s almost 3 years past and I completely moved on. Good thing is, I learned and been saved from the wrong person. Bad thing is, I became bitter and already have trust issues.

I prayed someone would come and love me more than I expected anyone could give me. But again and again, I am left hanging and broken.

I wonder why. Am I too fast? Too fast to hope for love? Or too slow? Too slow to go with the real process of love–getting to know-dating-courtship-falling in love. I really don’t know.

But as of the moment, I felt down and alone. I felt like I have been taken for granted. Does true love exist? Or is it just a big fantasy that has been influenced by media? I don’t know. All I know is I am broken, down, but standing up still believing that right guy will come at the right place, at the right for the right reason, and if that day comes, I will see things in a fast forward.



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