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Hello everyone! I miss blogging however I don’t have that much spare time to do so because of my busy schedule and my busy life.

Well, as of now I just got hired as an ESL teacher for korean junior students! I just had my day 1 with my 6 students today and it was really a tiring but memorable and amazing experience! Well, watch out for my upcoming blog about my whole experience and some students!

Love you all!
Xoxo, Teacher Princess 🙂

This is actually my 1:1 classroom, my desk and my mini office, I should say 🙂


22, indeed!

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And yes! Another year to celebrate  life! Indeed this day is filled with joy.

I suck in planning about what will happen on my birthday, because honestly, it’s hard to decide where and how to celebrate when people close to your heart is not in one specific place. It was about half past 9 when I finally decided to stay home, invite some friends and have a little party.

I am thankful to have my mom who initiated this plan and who made much effort in preparing, everything; and of course to my dad for the budget, my friends in highschool, my workmates, my relatives & people who greeted my in my social networks. And lastly, to the Lord. Bringing me into this world, I am truly blessed to be with a great&supportive family, very fun&true friends, kind relatives and to my new list, my workmates who guided me in my nursing life experience. I have been through a lot, but I have gained much making what I am now.

Yes, I am now 22 and inch by inch, I am starting to fulfill my bucket list of dreams. I am truly blessed this year and indeed, it’s the start of something MORE of ME.



Cake from dad for her Princess 🙂


The early birds and my SKPH ER family with my Uncle Ali, Mam El, Kuya Mars, Kuya Aiman and Ate Ivy 🙂



Beloved Andang&Jacalan cousins!


LOOK UP cousins!


Highschool Buddies Jimlyne, Cherry and Jennylou 🙂


My ever beloved forever boyfie, I mean, girlfie Yasing!




It’s official, I’m 22!

WELL, HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY TO ME! Let me just sing this,

I don’t know about you, but I just turned 22, everything will be alright, you keep me next to you. God is right beside me, and my family too; everything was fun tonight and I’ll keep dancing cos I’m 22. 🙂



A supportive mother of all time;



A wife any man would wish to be called mine;



A trusted friend you could count on in gladness and pain;



Patient and dedicated to her profession; even if she sleeps less just not to keep her patients wait in vain;


A person who always look back to her country to experience “fun”;



She as well love to sing that makes every event more fun;



Blessed with great family;



She deserves all the blessings she has and she will have.



Cheers to another year of life for the best mother, wife, friend and aunt.


Hair play

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Since it’s my day off, and kind of felt boredom, I hanged out with youtube and learn some cool hairstyles.

BOWTIED ponytail hairstyle
With two elastics and 2 bobby pins, you can create ribbon using your own hair for your simple ponytail. I did it on sides so I could see how it would look like. You could curl the ends for a more classy look. Try it yourself!

Another hairstyle you would love to do when you want to step out from having a bad common hairday in school. It just like twists of candies and threads, this hairstyle is as easy as 1,2,3. Have an extraordinary look on an ordinary day!


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“Today is a day of sacrifice; for my career, for the Lord, and for my family.”



This is why I love parties. Family, friends bound to be one to have fun! Have a happy weekend everyone!

The Definition of Hate

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