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They say experience is the best teacher; as for me, this is the best experience as a teacher.


Nurse by profession, teacher by practice? And FYI, not a clinical instructor but as an ESL tutor. A big shift from having a 40 hours duty in the hospital per week saving lives into having 8 hours work per day inside the classroom dealing with a junior korean student that made a big impact in my life.

Felt like a post birthday gift from God for me, really. Hired 3 days after my birthday, all I wanted was to be in that place to earn money, and save it for my booked trip in a certain city by September. Initially, I was filled with anxiety. The hell I will speak English 9am-6pm and have to deal with junior korean students that most old teachers would describe as “sakit ng ulo”, “magulo”, “sipat”. And hey! worst, they will greet you and say: “Welcome to hell.” I’m like–What???? But despite of the negative views I heard, I still grabbed the opportunity and signed the contract. 

Week 1 was just observation in adult korean students classes. Some classes were fun, some were boring, but I gained immediately friends that I never imagined. Week 2 is our official class days with the junior students. Prayed and hoped for the best, I was blessed to have the smart, funny, noisy, kind students. Students with different personalities, but as a whole made my life extra special; as a whole made me felt like I have cardiomegaly for being so loved.


Despite of all the stress, epistaxis moments wishing all of it will end by the day it started, when the end date came, it was heartbreaking. If only I could come with them, or they could stay longer here, it wouldn’t be that hard to bear.

Tears rolled down my cheeks when I saw them getting in the airport. And yes, it was only a month with them but felt like I know them since birth. They were like my siblings, sweet, kind, playful. Well, not only my junior students but even adult students who have been close to us. Thanks to Kakao talk, we can still keep in touch, always; and I truly appreciate their efforts sending messages and photos everyday. I truly miss them and hopefully, will see each other again soon.

Even if we are miles apart, they will always be in my heart.


And I am also blessed to be a part of a big A team, the room A teachers. And of course, being with kind and on the game managers as well. 




Indeed the best experiences are the unexpected ones. Truly, a treasure.






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