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Thnks fr th mmrs 2013!

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

2013 had been an eventful year for me. January when I finally received my Birthday, Christmas, New Year’s wish and that is to become a licensed Nurse. I was then on my first job interview when I found out I passed (though I didn’t pass that first job interview). And on that same day, my relatives from States arrived for a vacation. God has indeed prepared that great special day for me to celebrate and I can’t thank you enough for all the people who were there to support me, who offered prayers for me and who continuously believes in my capabilities. Countless parties I have been, I have enjoyed the fruits of my more than 4 years of labor.

On the same year I had my first hospital experience as an Emergency Room Nurse. I have gained not only good nursing and communication skills, but I have gained new friends, who have assisted me throughout my duty days. It was great having them; cool, chill, fun even if we extend long hours because of toxicity that sometimes I brought to them (because they say lapitin ako ng patients).  At some point in my life I realized how difficult it is to have this profession/vocation. 16 hours duty, no pay, the pressure and stress, the cases I handle, the sleepless nights I have to bear, the demanding attitude of patients and some co-health team I am encountering, all these makes worthwhile after every thank you from patients. All these I have given up for awhile and tried to explore what the world has other than me, practicing the craft I have learned in college.

Few months after, I had my first paid job experience not as a nurse but as a teacher to Korean Junior Students. I never imagined myself to be one but I did. It was the cherry on top of my year, I would have to say. Gaining friends from like them, is such a great blessing. Everyday I enter the school makes me feel like I’m in a Korean Novela I used to watch since then. Being with those kids were indeed amazing that letting them go after a month crushed my heart. What surprises me until now is that we continue to communicate through Kakaotalk even if we’re long miles apart. It’s like a birthday gift for me this year as I have been accepted to that job 3 days after my birthday. Praying and hoping in the coming year, we will all see each other again and gain memories more than we had from the past.

On the month of August then I was finally accepted as a member of the Order of the Amaranth Court No. 50. Being with my parents in their Fraternity have inspired me to become one and I am glad to be one. I was able to meet wonderful and successful people who serve from the heart and not to expect anything in return. Being the youngest in the organization is never an issue as most of my sisters were as cool as teenagers; always on the game and always in. this is as well a good opportunity for me to share a helping hand as this organization is not just about gaining brothers and sisters but about living in the virtues of truth, faith, wisdom and charity.

Well I have said a lot but these are just some of the highlights of this year. This has been a year of great gains. Gaining the title of RN, gaining friends, co-workers, friends from across the globe, friends who have touched my heart, friends who try to win my heart, friends whom I lost but I gained more, family who have continuously been supportive to my “wants”, and siblings who have been so sweet, kind and thoughtful. I have gained wonderful memories this year. No stress, no pressures. I have made a lot of mistakes, all I think about is myself, all I think about is me-my friends-my world. Yes, I might have turn down good opportunities, turn down good people who have might made me the best girl in the universe, but hell! Cheers to 2013 dahil pinatakbo ko ang taon na ito ayon sa kagustuhan ko.

Thank you to the people who have made this year fantastic. Hoping for more years of UNDENDING GREATNESS. Thnks fr th mmrs 2013. Hello 2014! I’m ready for you! Aryana version 2014 coming right up!