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Remember this? Our first baba just came to life, and it came to me by surprise. Indeed our June was filled with gracious moments and this is a perfect reminder of it. Thank you to my sweet and thoughtful Jonathan.


Beginning from you, visiting me in my hometown, your first check in my room, and even your first surprise visit after our monthsary again at home. I remembered how you totally liked that wacky photo of us. We are indeed truly HAPPY.

❤️June 18,2014-Potchiiee❤️



1st to Forever <3

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MAY 18,2014-Saranggani Bay

It’s been a month labidoooo! [Still get butterflies in my stomach whenever I say labidooo. So childish but sweet.] Time flies so fast. 1 month na tayo magkakilala. Akalain mo yun, 1 month narin tayong in a relationship?haha! Mom asked me one time with this question: “Anong ginawa ni Jonathan sayo na napasagot ka agad?” I’ve dated a couple of guys. Some of them have courted me for more than a year, but I’m the best in friendzone girl. So mom really wondered why with you, whom I just met in a not so ordinary day in a not so ordinary place, with a not so ordinary experience, have made me say yes with just like a snap. I say, “I love you before I even know you.” Or “I just woke up and realized I love you. Guess that’s love. It happens and feels it when you least expect it.” Honestly I was planning not to come to SarBay for a couple of reasons. Sus mayo nalang niadto ko. Didto diay ko makakita sa akong Mr. Right ❤

First time I saw you I was attracted, dahil sa matangos mong ilong. But I was more than attracted when we talked; when you shared about your experiences, in quite a romantic place, at the sea. Habang maingay sa shore dahil nagpaparty ang lahat, tayo nag heart to heart talk sa beach. By then my heart was captured by you. We had little chance to talk after that. BTW, you were really cute while sleeping in the shore that time. And then you woke up with your missing slippers, and then suddenly, you almost lost your wallet. Yah that moment! That moment when you first said I love you. Ha! Halos malaglag panga ko and I don’t know what to say. But then I smiled and thought, awe kabait nito. Ka sweet sa friend. Murag mag heart heart na akong mata ato baaaa. Hahaha!! So we headed home and gosh. Sa harap ko pa talaga ikaw umupo. Kung pwede lang titigan ka ng matagal ginawa ko naaaa. If only we had longer time together but it’s time to part ways. I didn’t come paghatid sa inyo not just because mag check attendance ako to my parents but also because I hate to see people go. I felt like I was attached to you and I tried to control it. Sus kay pag higda nako sa bed kay nitext man si Jonathan Iniego. Wa na! Alam na. hahahaha!! Dili pwede mag detach.haha!!

I really enjoyed exchanging messages with you. Sarap mong kausap and you were there to make me realize about things, to lift me up and advised me to prove to myself that I should be respected. You were there the whole time. And that made me fall for you even more. I fell in love with you because of the tiny things you never knew you were doing. ❤

Everything is in place; in right timing; until we got the chance to be together again.


It’s really sweet and kind of you to make me smile on our meet again moment with your sweet little gifts.


But what really made me smile even more is you gave your time with me and my family. I’m quite a boring person but when I’m with you, I get a little crazy.haha!! It really amazed me how a guy had that guts to meet the whole family, get to know them and get along to them very well.


Ang gaan ng loob ng family ko sayo. Couldn’t thank enough for the time and effort you gave. I don’t know how to repay it. But I just want to know I love you more than you could ever know.

Still remember our first date? [With my sister as the third wheel], you made me fall in love with steak.


You were kind enough to wait for my sister, and cover my head kahit na ambon lang papunta kay blacky. Everyday you make me fall even more. Little words, more gestures. We parted ways again and after a week, together again! 🙂

Your first visit in my hometown where you took the FIRST FLIGHT.haha!!


My one and only boyfriend who was given the chance to stay at home and stay in my room for 2 nights and 3 days. Plus, the ONLY GUY NA PINADRIVE NG FAMILY CAR. Ako hanggang susi lang. Ikaw pinadrive. Sino ang anak? Ako o ikaw? 😥 hahahaha!


We were comfortable seeing you around the house. Being with you in the dining, in our event, seeing you sleeping beside my brother, really really precious. Couldn’t wait to see you again at home, labidoo.


As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure is going to happen;



an adventure that will last hopefully, forever.


You have been my 11:11 wish for a very long time;


You have been the Prince that might not be riding a white horse, nor owns a big castle, but the Prince that is better than any fairytale.

Our relationship is just starting. We might be working on it in a long distance but I want to prove that it will not hinder us from staying in love with each other.

You are indeed a blessing to me; an early birthday present, my best summer escapade, my best buddy, my best Sir Chef, my best boyfie, my kulit and piggy textmateang asawa ko, my one and true love. Cheers to more months and years together, until FOREVER.








Mon Amour

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My lips paint a smile whenever I see you;

My heart skips a beat whenever you say I love you;

My mind keeps on saying, “Hey don’t you think its too fast do you?”

But I can’t help it, my heart is captured by you.


I just met you a couple of weeks but felt like I know you my whole life;

What gets more exciting is you want me to be a part of your life;

I can’t afford to say no; I know you are the one I’ve been waiting my whole life;

With you by my side, that’s how I want to spend the rest of my life.


Being away from each other is quite a challenge;

But I hope you’ve got a whole bunch of patience;

I believe absence makes the heart grow fonder;

Hey, this will not take longer, because I know we will be together, until forever.





My Fairytale

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I grew up believing in fairy tales and happy ever after;

I thought love can be so exhilarating when you have that exact same story as what those fairy tale stories narrate.

I came across one guy and had a relationship; I thought everything was going in place, until my love for fairytale crashed. My heart, broken; I became the damsel in distress who was left by his knight and hopes to find a hero in replace of that coward knight.

Love then came slow for me. I had a break for 3 long years living my life as a normal single woman who works to get a good career ahead, to gain lots of true and crazy friends, to travel so I can gain great experience and adventures. I’d say I don’t need a man because they are such a pain in the ass. A number of guys tried to win me, but I just can’t find it in my heart to choose one because for certain reasons like, I am not ready, He is not ready, He is immature, He is too good for me, My parents doesn’t like him, probably his parents doesn’t like me, blablabla. Let me get this straight, I am not looking for a perfect guy, I am just looking for a guy that is right for me. I don’t care where, when or how, but I hope and pray my Prince will come. My destiny will guide me to where and to whom I will be.

One perfect day off Saturday, I get a chance to unwind and have a good time. Suddenly I bumped in to you. I’ve been searching my whole life to find that special guy, I never thought I’d found you. Everything happened fast, I mean really fast. First, I am claimed to be the HARD-TO-GET girl. I dump guys when I see just one negative attitude in them, I dump them when my parents don’t like them, or when they speak in English and either they state it or spelled it incorrectly. Hell yeah, I am a perfectionist. Second, I don’t date guys younger than me. Girls are 3 years older when it comes to maturity, so guys younger than me are hard to handle. They act like kids. Third, I don’t like long distance relationships. I did it before, it didn’t work. It will NEVER work. Fourth, I don’t like daily conversations. Nakakasawa. Fifth, it should be in this order: Friends-3 weeks or more Dating- 3 months or more Courtship-Relationship. But maybe God allowed me to meet that one certain person who would make me break my own rules.

That one perfect moment at the beach changed everything. How can a stranger made me fall for just one night? His first text message (even if it was a group message) brought a big smile on my face. Our daily conversation makes it harder for me to fall asleep because I don’t want to miss a minute of chance to talk and get to know him. I don’t know what he did but, I just simply fall. They say “Ang bagay na mabilis nagumpisa, mabilis ring natatapos” baka nga mabilis matapos, mabilis matapos ang pagiging single ko kasi kahit na maging bitch man ako sa ibang tao, anong magagawa ko, inlababo na ako sayo.. Our first date, his sweet gestures, the pink rose, the chocolates, the pillow, his jokes, how he cares, hoe he took time to be with me, my family, his effort to bring me and my sister to the best steak house, to the guy who seems to be so proud to have me in his life, my gosh guy, you don’t know how luckier I am to have you in my life.

To you, my love, we are beginning to dream for our future. Paris, St. Bernard, Twins, our home. ❤ I’d say, wherever we may go, how many kids we may have in the future, as long as I’m with you, my life will be perfect. I am not in a hurry to make it all happen because we still have our individual plans and dreams to achieve, but I just can’t help but think, it gets more exciting to see you waiting near the altar and hear me say I do. I can’t wait to have my own fairytale story with a happily ever after. About the question you were asking earlier that I say, you’ll get the answer before this day ends, here it is, YES. I am willing and would be so proud to be yours.

I don’t know what I did that God gave me such a wonderful advance birthday, Christmas and New Year gift but this is what I just know and I believe, “True love comes to those who wait.” My wait is worth it. I love you, Jonathan Iniego    

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” ― Dr. Seuss