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My birth month! And yes, one of the most memorable birthdays I ever had. All I ever wanted on my birthday (always) is to have a cake or at least just a candle to blow for me to make a wish. That’s it. Well of course to be with my family and close friends and have our buttons blow for dinner, a simple cake with a candle will be much appreciated. But hey! It’s beyond what I totally wished for.


Very artsy fartsy Fansign from someone who’s been totally an early birthday present to me 🙂


Yes! Korean food for lunch. I totally got my mouth watering experience just imagining these foods, and it’s his first time. With that he calls these-ALIEN food. He did his best to eat the meal I totally love. Awwe ❤


And a special dinner with my family and closest relatives, I felt truly blessed and happy!

Well, other than the blast I had on my birthday, I manage to do this!


My first ever surprise visit! He was on a Food expo, I had a long day off and poof! I managed to keep it a secret and beeped him I am just around SM Lanang while he was facilitating the Food expo.

“He surprises me everyday, I surprised him for a day.” still, he is incomparable.