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Uhu! It’s his birth month! HE HAS TO BE HAPPY THIS MONTH, ON HIS BIRTHDAY, EVERYDAY. That is my goal.

We were too excited to see each other as we planned very well how things would go and how we would celebrate his day. Granted what he wanted, he managed to have a pre-celebration in our home bringing a huge box of pizza as requested by mom(you don’t know what he has been through just to buy the pizza) and a big pack of kimchi chili paste (because we are supposed to make bibimbap that we end up cooking bulalo). We had a great dinner on his first night at home then off we go to General Santos City for an overnight stay.


And this is our best picture. We look perfectly imperfect even in our wacky faces. :3

Then we travelled together on our way home to Davao City for the celebration of his birthday! Our first bus trip together! Surprised him with a cake and candle when the clock strikes 12, and gave him a gift that he can use daily and as I said: “You might lost something in Sarbay, let me replace it, take care of it and use it.” A pair of slippers 🙂 A tight hug from a birthday celebrator is rewarding. Effort paid off!