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These days I have realized the difference between a friend and a true friend. Yes, I do have a lot of friends; some of them have been my classmates since gradeschool, some of them I have met from parties and occasions, some of them, I have met due to common interests, but only few of them remain to be loyal and trustworthy.

True friends? They are there through thick and thin. They will be honest enough to say when you’re wrong, will not tolerate your wrong actions, and will take on your side when others are wrong.

Fake friends? They are just there when they need you. They will take on your side when they get something in return, and they will talk behind your back when they are with other people. They compete with you and will do anything just to say something against you. They go with the “MANY”, they don’t go with the “FEW but TRUE”.

I am now faced with dealing the different issues thrown unto me. Lost some of my friends because they took on someone’s side without hearing mine. They never grow up, they just want to bring someone down. I have been seeing fake smiles when our path crosses and I have no idea what’s in their mind.

Best thing I could do? Shut up and let them do their immature ways. They’ll just get tired of it. What’s important is I can smile because I know I am right; I live without stabbing someone behind; I face everyday challenges because I know God is with me; and working towards achieving my dreams. Best of all, having friends that are FEW but TRUE. That’s the true treasure worth to keep forever.