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Flowers, teddy bears, balloons and cupcakes everywhere. These are in boom when February 14 hits the calendar. Couples prepare for this special day making it one of the memorable day of the year. Well, it only works for those in a relationship. Most of the time.

As for me, February 14 is a Single awareness day. This day becomes extra special only with the presence and effort of my friends who thoughtfully give gifts, and sweet lil things such as messages, or even just chocolates or candies which is much appreciated. Never had I look forward for this day to be special and same goes this year.

As clock strike 12, I was thinking on what interesting thing to do to make it extra special. I thought instead of staying home whole day rather than seeing couples and girls having their gifts from their loved ones. Then I realized I’m too bitter to stay home for that reason. Morning came and I began texting my friends whom I plan to hang out with. Gladly one replied. My date every Vday, Yasier! He picked me up at the house, had chitchat till we decided to go out and eat. And we saw a stall of cupcakes and other valentine stuffs and he bought me a rose. He said “ayan o para naman may magbigay sayo.” Quite harsh but still sweet. Then we had dinner together with mom&lil bro, walk on our way home and hang out there till 11pm.

February 14 doesn’t have to be that worse for me after all. Taken or not, happily committed or not, as long as you show the true meaning of Valentine’s day, and that is sharing the love to the people you love, then you celebrated the true essence of February 14.

Spread the love everyone!